NYC gets below average artist to go full pagan with this new statue atop courthouse.

If memory serves me correctly, NYC got rid of a statue of Teddy Roosevelt because it was ‘offensive’ or something like that. It could possibly be considered offensive. Right? Well, the same people who made the call to get rid of Teddy Roosevelt just went full pagan with this new statue that sits atop an NYC courthouse. It’s offensive. I’ll tell you right now, I’m offended for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which it’s incredibly lazy art. Unimaginative and lazy. Maybe the artist saw too many Jason and the Argonauts movies. I don’t know. But we appear to have some golden monster woman emerging from a flower. (So fucking boring. A strong woman coming out of a flower? Good lord. Do better) And her hair is twisted into horns! (Shock! That thing of beauty is also powerful everybody!) And here arms? Those are a bunch of tentacle things, because? I’m guessing she has a very big reach! She is woman and she touches everything! Hooray! And hey! She’s super smart like Ruth Bader Ginsberg! Know how I know that? From the collar! It’s just like Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s! Snore. Snore. Snore. Snore. So, incredibly boring. It’s childish in its predictability. You can almost hear the artist delighting in the uproar they knew would happen when they slapped this shitty, horned, snake armed, Oscar statue rip off on a courthouse. Well, mission accomplished you art school dropout. You crap statue has offended. It’s a predictable pagan looking eyesore. But who knows? Maybe NYC will get the prison population involved and they can turn some of their brilliant sketches into statues. We can all go to courthouse that features a guy banging a dragon with big tits! Evidently every bad piece of art has a home in NY!

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