Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater meets The Matrix? Yer damn right! Rollerdrome Review

Right away, when you look at trailers of Rollerdrome, it’s got this really unique cartoon look that’s a joy for the senses. That’ll catch you, but then when you realize you’re about to play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater while shooting guns in bullet time… oooh yeeeaaah, let’s go!

Simply put, Rollerdrome, available on PS5, PS4, and Steam is a third person shooter on skates in slow motion. Check out the trailer below:

Gameplay-wise, Rollerdrome is a must play. You enter a single player arena and must survive as you eliminate all of the Houseplayers who are out to kill you. While trying to survive, there are addicting challenge boxes that you can tick off – like doing a certain trick or getting a certain score or killing an enemy in a particular way. You’ve got to perform tricks and stunts to reload your weapons and then you slow time as you pick them off mid-air. It’s wildly fun! Throw on a good album or the latest episode of The Loftus Party podcast and let it rip – you’ll have a great time. 

What surprised me most about this game was its story and world building. Rollerdrome takes place in the near future and it has a sort of Soviet vibe that plays well alongside its the subtle background story. Most of the game takes place in an arena but there are four or five very short interactive portions where you learn more about the world you’re in and I really enjoyed these quick interludes. All you do is read a few notes and overhear a few conversations, but in the simplest way, you learn about the chaotic, fascistic world you inhabit. The stakes don’t matter much to your player, the game is simply for fun, but it was interesting nonetheless to see how they created lore in such a simple way. That the world ran parallel to our own was gripping if not frightening too. 

I loved Rollerdrome and I highly recommend it. It’s relatively short and an indie game at about half the cost of a normal triple-A title but worth every penny. This is one of those speak-with-your-wallet titles. After you play this game, you think, “I def want more of this.” Let them know by showing your support. It’s a great passive game too. You’ve had a long day and you just wanna zone out into something – this is a great option. 

HOT TIP!!!! In my mid-30s, I’m not the twitchiest player. In other words, I’m like a 6 or 7 when it comes to playing fast-paced games. Rollerdrome, by default, is very fast and overwhelming at first and I got to a point where I just couldn’t beat the level and move forward. Luckily I discovered that the game has an accessibility option to slow its pace. I slowed it to about 80% speed and it was perfect. Definitely explore this option if you’re finding the gameplay too challenging   There’s no shame in it, guy! 

The other day, I was playing it with my 8 year-old nephew who had no interest in learning the trick mechanics, so I popped on “Infinite Ammo”. Perfect!

Check it out and let me know what you think of the art style! I definitely hope to see more original games like this!

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