Think Russia’s bad with the Nuke threats? Get ready for Iran. Welcome to reality dummies.

Anyone else noticing a pattern here? Russia does a thing. People get mad at Putin and those same people make threats. Russia reminds everyone they have nukes and will use them and that’s the end of that little game. That scenario just played out again. The International criminal court issued an arrest warrant for Russian leader Vladimir Putin. When asked about what Russia’s response would be to any kind of actual enforcement of said arrest warrant, Dmitry Medvedev made it clear, anyone who tries to arrest President Vladimir Putin can expect to feel the wrath of nuclear Russia, including “all our weapons”. Tada! So, that’s that. Behold the power of the nuke threat. That shit works.

We can all pretend it doesn’t. We can all pretend to be shocked, but if you’re being honest, the threat of the nuke changes everything. Once a nation gets them? Everything else is really bullshit. When push comes to shove, a nuclear power can just hold that threat over your head and it’s all over but the crying. The thing about Putin’s threat? You get the sense he’d actually launch. He’s got that Russian macho thing. He’d toss a couple nukes out there just to prove it. That makes the Russian nuke threat credible. Which leads us to this. How comfy are you with a Nuclear Iran? That nightmare is right around the corner. You think Russia is a problem? Just imagine the lovely, forward thinking, diversity embracing and all-inclusive leaders of Iran having their fingers on the nuclear button. Yeah. Not a fun scenario. So, Russia is a bully with nukes. How many more of those do we want to deal with? Anyway, as long as we’re keenly focused as a nation on where trans people will use the bathroom at a fast-food joint it feels like it’ll all work out.

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