The Marvels (Trailer) Looks so bad it may be an insurance scam by Disney.

What do you do if your Disney Marvel and you churning out fail after fail? You don’t double down. You triple down! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the trailer for The Marvels! It’s three, count em, three characters no one really likes or cares about. One character, you already know from a tedious movie and two more from shows on Disney plus! Kablam! Why make this movie at all? Just to say you did. That’s why. That will show the critics and the haters! LOL! Okay, so lets get to the trailer. From what we can tell, there’s been a galactic McGuffin and all the versions of Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel or who gives a shit Marvel have their powers mixed up! What in the Freaky Friday is going on here? HA!! That looks to be the plot. It’s Freaky Friday but with three strong women superheroes. Let’s just hope they can learn to set aside their differences and work as team by the third act. LMAO! Again: Why make this? Why? Is it an insurance scam? This flick is a guaranteed flop. The only mystery is just how much it will lose. Way to go, Disney Marvel. Keep showing off that next level hubris!

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