Men At Work on Sunday Jams

Before we get started, take a deep breath. Get rid of any preconceived notions. Yes, we’ve chosen Men At Work for this week’s Sunday Jams. Just don’t get ahead of yourself. We’re not spotlighting the silliness that’s associated with these guys. Most people jump straight to Vegimite sanwich!? What’s up with that?! Laugh, laugh, chortle, chortle. We’re not going there. Okay? I think it’s the wackiness associated with the band and their videos that kind of hurts Men At Work’s street cred as a band. Yes, the videos were very… zany? Is zany the right word? Feels like it. However, the music and the songs themselves are pretty fucking fantastic. There’s a depth that’s easy to overlook. These tunes really hit in a whole new way now that there’s some distance from the old MTV days. Hope you dig the songs. Here’s Men At Work on Sunday Jams.

The live version of Overkill with the choir about laid me out. Had zero clue it would wallop me like it did. That is a great, great song. Damn.

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2 comments on “Men At Work on Sunday Jams

  1. Alan Barney says:

    Colin Hay with Choir! X 3 grabbed me as well when I first ran across it on YouTube. Colin is also very funny live. You’ve got to see this one on Overkill special meaning and reflection…

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Awesome! Thanks! Gonna have to check that out!

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