More Whistleblowers come out against Biden Family. Plus: Disorder at the Border and the end of AM Radio?

Hold on tight. It’s only Monday and things are already going off the rails. What insane news day. Here’s three stories you’re going to want to know about. Right out of the gate, there are 5 whistleblowers that have come out against the Biden Family. Damn. The bad news for the Bidens is really stacking up. Let’s see, you got the Hunter Laptop, former Biden family business associate Tony Bobulinski and now 5 new whistleblowers. Ouch.

Next up is the southern border. Things are going off the rails there as well. Border Patrol just nabbed more people on the terror watch list trying to sneak in the U.S.

And finally, is this the end of AM radio? Automakers are getting rid of AM radio as an option in new cars. Electric car manufacturers are claiming that AM radio interferes the electric motors. Millions of Americans still tune in to AM Radio though. What happens to all the Talk Radio shows? Is the end of conservative dominance on a media platform? It looks that way according to Mark Levin.

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