The Week in Memes – Pride Cometh Before a Fall

Yes, we’re on the doorstep of Pride Month – an American holiday that celebrates your genitals, what you do with your genitals and how you want the world to acknowledge, nay affirm your genital expression.

Before we go any further, let me, your humble author, tell you that I am absolutely for letting people live their lives as they choose and believe that anybody in the LGBTQETC camps must have equal rights. That said, I have no love for the performative-virtue corporations and the political groups that push “Pride”.

Now let’s have some fun with the memes.

Like the commercialization of Christmas, Pride month seems to start earlier every year. This week, Target finally caught flak for going all in on trans wear for children. The great news is that consumers are getting sick it.

You will be made to care

Fresh from the victory over Bud Light, consumers are realizing their dollars are votes.

But it’s not just Target. The Dodgers needing to celebrate diversity and inclusion hosted a drag show. But no, dear reader, not your ordinary drag show but the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group that truly celebrates inclusion by dripping contempt for Catholics.

It went over as well as could be expected. Outrage, backtrack, apology, retrack.

And once again, Bud Light just can’t get out of the quicksand they stepped in. As part of their rehabilitation efforts, Bud partnered with Harley Freakin’ Davidson to re-establish their manly creds.

No. This is not the meme.

These are!

Bold move Harley, I wish you the best.

Full disclosure, until recently, I owned a Harley. Even with a Sportster, I enjoyed the prestige – the maintenance, not so much. Today, I ride a non-descript Japanese bike that everyone ignores but doesn’t cost $1000 for standard maintenance.

So where were we? Oh yeah, memes.

A quick hit with the debt ceiling gamesmanship.

Let’s wrap up with the Trump/Desantis primary wars.

For the T2 fans.

And in the interest in staying non-partisan…

And with that, see you next time!

Shout out to Davar Echad on Twitter who refused to water mark his art.

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