Dune: Part Two (trailer) The last great hope for non-woke Sci-Fi movies.

This might be it. Dune: Part Two. This could legit be the last great hope for sci-fi movies. In terms of the hero’s journey. The last non-woke, let’s stay true to the source material and simply tell an epic story with great visuals. It seems impossible for Hollywood to make non-woke movies now. They have infused politics into every franchise. Disney has effectively killed Star Wars. Marvel is dead. Suicide by woke and horrible writing. So, let’s take a moment to celebrate the trailer for Dune: Part Two. As a huge fan of the books and having suffered through many failed attempts to tell the story, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune movie surpassed expectations. Dune was finally fantastic on screen. Now we have a trailer for Dune: Part Two. Unless he fumbles wildly, it would look as if Villeneuve will finish this chapter of the Dune saga with style and great visual storytelling. Let’s enjoy it. We all know that if this franchise moves forward, we’ll all be meeting “Rey Atreides” in the next movie. She’ll be the true chosen one in a series of movies that make no sense and undermine the logic of the original. And if you mention it out loud, somehow, you’re an asshole.

Now there is a chance, a teeny glimmer of hope that Dune will show Hollywood that story matters. character matters. That they should stop with the woke insanity and just tell good stories. The odds of that happening are incredibly low and sadly we all know it. So, yeah. Let’s enjoy Dune while we can. The movie hits theaters November 3, 2023

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