Is Disney pushing the release of The Marvels again?!

We got a fresh video from the quartering about a report that Disney is considering pushing the release date of The Marvels movie yet again. This time they claim the push is due in part to the actor’s strike, which keeps actors from doing press appearances to promote projects. Okay… now while that technically may be the case, we think the truth is a lot easier to believe. Ready? Disney knows the movie sucks. They have the numbers from social media and test audiences. They know the lackluster results they got from the first movie. They know that audiences didn’t show up to Disney Plus for the other 2 captain marvel lady’s spinoffs. In a nutshell, they know no one cares about this movie. They have a turd on their hands. The only question now is what to do? Stick with a theatrical release and lose more money on promo? Or go straight to Disney Plus, save a few million but incur the wrath of the woke, when they scream ‘Disney didn’t support our girl power movie!’ Which will be exactly what happens. Disney and Marvel Studios have painted themselves into a corner with The Marvels. Now it’s squirming time.

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