This week in Weird! Insane stories to ruin your day.

It can be a true mental challenge to wrap your head around some of things that are going on today. The feeling that the world is slowly but surely going mad is really hard to shake. Especially when you see headlines like the ones in this piece. We’ve collected just few headlines from around the world that will have you saying WTF? for the rest of the day. It’s a piece we’re calling: Stories from the crazy future, today! Insane headlines, headscratchers and other news bits that have us concerned for the future. Why? Because they exist. Let’s begin.

In Scotland, they chopped down 16 million trees to make way for windfarms. Because… reasons and stuff.

Also, from across the pond: Big Banks have shut down almost a million accounts in the last four years. Are there that many criminal accounts in the UK? Or are they just un-banking people they don’t like? Say the wrong thing on social media or have an unpopular opinion? Congrats! You just got un-banked!

We’ll close things out with this gem. Former NJ Governor Chris Christie went to Ukraine for some reason or another. Seems like visiting Ukraine is a pilgrimage all politicians make these days. Well, Chris Christie gave Ukrainian leader Zelensky a copy of the lyrics to the Bon Jovi song “it’s my life.” Yeah… because there’s a war. And the only way to stop it, is by invoking the untapped healing energy of Bon Jovi.

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