Former Capitol Police Chief tells all about Jan 6th. (video) Deeply disturbing is an understatement.

What really happened on Jan. 6th? There has been plenty of media coverage and hot takes. They even had televised hearings. Jan. 6th dominated the headlines for months. But where was this guy? We’re talking about the Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund. Where was his testimony? That should strike anyone with half a brain as a bit odd. Why not talk to the Police Chief? He was there. His job was to defend the capitol. You’re not going to ask him what happened? Well, Tucker Carlson did that very thing. He interviewed Sund. That original video was never released. Carlson was fired from Fox news before it could air. However, Tucker invited Capitol police chief Steven Sund back and they conducted a second interview. It’s wild. Getting the insights of the former capitol police chief about Jan. 6th is quite the eye-opener.

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