How to destroy your own movie. The Critical Drinker sounds off on Snow White remake. (And he’s correct)

We’ll jump into the video in just a sec. Just want to shine a light on a couple of points here first. As part of his commentary about Disney’s ‘self-destruct’ mode on the remake of Snow White, the critical drinker scores a couple of direct hits. First? There’s a strike in Hollywood right now so there isn’t a bunch of new gossip, really putting these comments by Rachel Zegler under a microscope. Two, and most importantly I can back this up as a ‘Hollywood’ writer, Rachel Zegler almost certainly is riffing on the talking points handed to her by Disney. The Execs know what they’re doing. They know that their star is going out to talk to the press. Disney has gone over how they want Zegler to answer questions. She may have drifted a bit, but we highly doubt this young actress is just making shit up on the fly. You’re listening to the thoughts of Disney and studio types being regurgitated as they destroy Snow White.

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