Tucker Interviews Trump and the numbers are huge! (video)

The first GOP debate was held last night. Notably absent from the field of presidential hopefuls was former President Donald Trump. Trump decided to skip the debate and do an interview with Tucker Carlson. The former FOX news host now has a platform on X (formally Twitter). So, last night was a face off of sorts. Trump and Tucker on social media and the GOP on Cable. We won’t know the numbers of viewers for Fox for a while, however as of now we have a sense of how many people saw the Tucker and Trump interview: 206 million. That’s the number at this moment from X. Now let’s be conservative and say only half really ‘watched’. That’s still a staggering 103 million. Hell, let’s say it’s half of THAT! Over 50 million? That’s wild. Those a number we haven’t seen for TV viewership in a while. But evidently the showed up on X. Is this the end for legacy media? We doubt it. But it’s definitely a moment worth noting. Here’s the Tucker Carlson interview with Trump.

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