Reality kicks in for NY Mayor. Adams says Illegal Immigration will destroy NYC.

This is the maddening part. When reality kicks in. The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams just told a room full of people and the media that Illegal Immigration will destroy NYC. He says it’s just too many people. The city can’t handle it. Here’s my well thought out response: No Shit! What do you think we’ve all been saying for years?! You proudly declared NYC a sanctuary city when Trump was in office and this what you get. Shit tons of people. Looking for sanctuary! You fucked around and now you found out.

The people who want a border wall knew this would happen. We’ve known it for years! America has a very generous immigration policy. About a million people a year come into the States, legally. That’s awesome! Welcome aboard! What we can’t do is leave out border wide open for every single person who wants to come on over. Why is that? Because you will become overwhelmed. You can talk all the shit you want about sanctuary this and that, but you will discover your dumbass policies come with a price and you will lose everything. So, welcome aboard Mr Mayor. Let’s build a wall and control the border.

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