Why One Piece works, and Cowboy Bebop failed. We agree with The Critical Drinker (video)

Yep. We’ve been watching the new Netflix series One Piece. Just to see what would happen. The show is based on a highly successful and long running Manga and Anime. I wanted to see if Netflix would mess this up as bad as Cowboy Bebop. Well, much to my surprise, not only does One Piece not suck, I’m getting into it! I’m digging this show. The characters aren’t paper thin. The world is zany but makes sense. There’s lots to dig about One Piece. Just a reminder: It’s a sensibility that not everyone likes. It’s a series rooted in anime. However, if you dig that stuff? Like me? You’ll enjoy One Piece. Tip of the straw hat to the One Piece creator who kept his eye on production and pulled a JK Rowling. Also, credit to the production company and Netflix who seemed to have learned something from the tragic failure of Cowboy Bebop. That one still stings for me. Here’s a good review from The Critical Drinker of One Piece. Dude makes some quality points.

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