The Week in Memes – Bobert’s Boobs and Ancient Aliens Edition

We love weeks like this because they’re just so … silly.

First up, while civilization is falling apart, our media seems to be really interested in distracting us with space aliens. Massive corruption? Ukraine? Forget all that! Here’s the mummified remains of ancient aliens!

A hoax? Maybe. But a delicious one for sure.

But the most disturbing revelation was this …

Quick hit: President Joe Biden revealed that he was raised by the Puerto Rican Irish Cathoic … wait for it … rabbis of Delaware. Rumor has it he confessed his sins in what some are calling a “phone booth” inside Temple Beth Shalom.

And now the main course. What you’ve been waiting for. This week, Representative Lauren Boebert getting naughty and subsequently thrown out of a showing of “Beetlejuice”.

Note: Content warning from here down.

Memers couldn’t wait to … jump on it.

So we’ll, just leave this here. Have a good week.

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