Ahsoka is an insult to your intelligence. Seriously, it’s that bad. (Video)

Before we jump into a very entertaining video on the stupidity of Ahsoka from YouTuber, Robot Head I feel compelled to chime in with a few thoughts of my own. First of all, I wanted to like this series. Really was hoping that Disney Star Wars could put something in the win column beyond ‘Andor’, which is an outstanding show by the way. Andor is the only series in the Disney Star Wars universe that isn’t mind-numbingly stupid. And that’s where we are with Ahsoka. It’s bad. It’s also an insult to your intelligence. The writing is hall of fame levels of lazy and just plain stupid.

The very premise of the show is just fucking dumb. In episode one of Ahsoka the ‘big deal’ is a map (fir fucks sake) that MIGHT lead to Thrawn (whoever the fuck that is) and someone named Ezra (yet another Jedi dude who survived Order 66 with about a gillion other Jedi evidently) and if Ahsoka can’t find that map… well… guess what? Nothing changes. Nothing. They don’t know if this Thrawn dude is alive! Why is anyone watching? Why? If Ahsoka just sits on her ass and does nothing, what changes? Nothing! It is one of the worst series premises in a long, long, time. And to add insult to injury, in the latest episode of fan service bullshit, Ahsoka herself makes a compelling case for NOT going on the journey! What the fuck! But wait it get worse. At the end of the latest episode Ahsoka just talks to some space whales, and they take her! She never needed the fucking map at all!

Oh… but what about the Anakin scenes?! How cool were those? You can hear the ‘fans’ screaming. What did that add though? What changed? Are we to believe that NOW Ahsoka wants to live? Bring peace? What the fuck were we watching in the last 4 episodes? Ahsoka’s character didn’t change one iota after the Anakin scenes. Zero change. Zero growth. It’s such blatant fan service it’s insulting. That’s what the whole show is. Ahsoka is an insult to Star Wars and your intelligence.

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