Disney will ‘Quiet the noise’ in the culture wars, but we guarantee they won’t stop. (video)

Not even the mighty house of mouse can continue to walk the wildy woke path. The stock price of Disney continues to suffer after a series of overtly woke choices. People simply don’t like what their seeing coming out of the once wholesome, family friendly company. And it’s costing Disney a lot of money. A LOT of money. Now Disney CEO Bob Iger say’s the company plans to ‘Quiet the noise’ in the culture wars. Huh. So, just as we predicted many moons ago, they won’t stop with the woke messaging, they’ll just get sneakier. Less noise. The movies and theme parks will still be pushing an identity politics agenda, they just won’t be screaming it from the mountain tops and proudly declaring their commitment to some woke agenda on Zoom meetings. The noise may be quieter, but it will most certainly still be there.

Now for some delightful Woke Disney commentary from the insightful and entertaining Critical Drinker.

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