New York vs The Donald. This is insane & here’s why. (video)

Here we go. New York vs The Donald. What is going on this time? Well, we can tell you we think it’s insane. How about that? Granted, Michael Loftus isn’t a lawyer. More of a comedian and writer really. But from the perspective of The Loftus Party this is just bonkers. Wait until we break down the merits of this case and who brought it. We have so many questions. And some answers. And jokes. Also? Some background on Letitia James. She’s the DA. So, buckle up for this one. It’s crazy. And it’s a horrible path to go down if you enjoy this little republic, we call home.

Letitia James campaigned on the “I will get Trump” platform. She went out of way to let NY voters know she would find something on the Donald. That’s the really scary part. It’s the classic ‘Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime’ scenario. It’s hard to say this court case is anything other than an attempted political assassination. There’s no victim in this case. It’s a D.A. going after someone for political reasons. If we as a society turn a blind eye? We’re done. Kiss any hope of free and fair elections goodbye if lawyers decide they can end the career of political candidates they decide they don’t want in the race. This isn’t a slippery slope. It’s a cliff. And we can’t go over or all is lost. We will begin our swift decent into tyranny.

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