Matt Gaetz brings the facts & the press gets really quiet. (video)

It’s with good deal of satisfaction that I post the following two clips. The first is from The Rubin Report and the second is from yours truly. They both have to deal with Matt Gaetz and ultimately the U.S. budget and deficit. Gaetz is in the hot seat for his role in ending the Speakership position of Kevin McCarthy. Why did he do it? The press and the pundits tell us that we as a nation have descended into chaos. Huh… Well, how about this for a hot take: Good. If this means we’ll finally address the gigantic spending problem America has, fucking great! At some point we need to rip the band aid off and get down to dealing with reality. We might as well do it now. So, thanks Matt Gaetz. Hopefully we can begin now.

Recently the press got ahold of Gaetz and wanted some answers. They got really quiet after Matt Gaetz provided them. It’s always wild to see people confronted with reality. Especially the press. So, enjoy that video and then take a gander at the video I made about the budget almost a week before all this ‘Speakership chaos’ crap started. People can be mad at Matt Gaetz, but he just did all of us a big favor in my opinion.

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