Disney scrambles to salvage ‘The Marvels’. Film reportedly has dismal screenings. (video)

Prepare for maximum excuses from the studio and the media over the impending box office doom of ‘The Marvels’. Or should we say, ‘Captain Marvel 2’? Disney decided to slap a new name on the Brie Larson lead flick in a last second hope that some name recognition could add a few bucks to the box office of this almost guaranteed turd of a movie. In Disney’s defense? Captain Marvel 2 should have been the title to begin with. That’s a no brainer. But changing the title of a movie doesn’t change the script. And it has repeatedly been the writing of Disney movies that has been their biggest failure.

Disney Star Wars, Disney Marvel and straight up Disney movies has been a constant supply of suck for years now. They are an endless supply of bad writing and poor storytelling. The audience has caught on really quickly and aren’t buying the tickets anymore. Surely the accountants at Disney see the change too. We imagine it was the accounting dept at Disney that warned the higher-ups that a ‘Freaky Friday meets 2 tv shows that no one cares about, meets an overpowered snarky Captain Marvel’ wasn’t going to be box office gold. Especially when you top it off with a title like: The Marvels. So, they rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic and called it Captain Marvel 2. Good call. At least people will know the name of movie. Here’s a much more in-depth coverage from The Quartering. Dude has put all the latest Captain Marvel 2 info in one handy dandy video!

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