Israel at war. Let the social media ‘hot takes’ begin.

As many take their time to collect their thoughts and reflect on current situation in Israel; A situation Israel is calling a war, because it is, others are launching into full throated hot takes on Twitter. Some are understandable and make perfect sense, others seem a bit bizarre.

I’ll say this about the attacks over the weekend. I’m on the side of the people who were attacked. I’m on the side of the kids who were attending a music festival and were murdered. Or worse. That’s really the long and short of it. People around the world can sit back and play out all the different hypothetical situations and had deep historical conversations all they want, because they aren’t fighting for their lives, dodging bullet and rocket attacks. So, that’s the hot take here. We’re on the side of people who just want to live. I’m kind of old fashioned that way.

Now let’s take a moment to highlight some hot takes about the current state of affairs in Israel.

You knew Ben wasn’t going to mince words.
Dude just let it rip.
We had no idea the McRib is considered an omen.
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