The war for Israel. Now we have clarity. (opinion)

We’ll try to keep this brief. The recent attack on Israel by terrorists has given everyone clarity. Once upon a time we may have had a philosophical debate on the history of the region and who did what to whom, when. It would have been the same debate that’s been happening for decades. The events of Oct. 7, 2023, made those conversations irrelevant. It’s now time to pick sides. And it’s a very easy decision to make. It’s the side of humanity.

One side decided to murder concertgoers, families and babies. That’s evil. There is no other way to put it. That’s the clarity I’m talking about. The time for conversations about grievances from decades ago is over. Now is the time to stop the organizations that target innocent civilians, families and infants in their cribs. It is a horror that has to end. This isn’t a hard decision to make. It should take a human being about a tenth of a second to decide where they stand. It’s now good vs evil. End of story.

A line has been crossed. This isn’t a tough call. Any kind of nuance or grey area is gone. Long gone. Pick a side. It won’t be a difficult decision.

Lastly, this. There is a pseudo argument happening on social media today about the reported deaths of Israeli babies. Some media is reporting many infants were beheaded. Now there’s people who are pushing back on this claim, saying things like “the babies were murdered, but not beheaded.” As if that somehow makes it better!? They murdered babies. Not to mention the long list of other atrocities. So, pardon me if I don’t want to deal with the finer details of the most innocent of innocents being murdered.

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