Military themed Lingerie? It kinda happened. (video)

We just weren’t ready, I guess. Let’s hop in The Loftus Party lingerie time machine (We gotta make one of those for real) and take a peek at a lingerie show in Madrid. The year is 2019. The Wuhan isn’t even a dry cough on the horizon and there were some interesting things going on in the world of fashion. Check out this show from Andres Sarda. They decided to give us a look at their military themed lingerie. Now we won’t say it isn’t hot. It’s lingerie. It’s inherently hot. We will say this though. If you’re going to go for a military themed line of lingerie? Go for it. Don’t just stop halfway. You need to go full out leather, weapons, chains… the whole nine. Just be honest and give the people fetish wear. This show is kind of alluding to a theme. And you might be able to get away with that if it was any other theme. But you can’t go halfway to military lingerie. You either do it or you don’t. Pretty sure Yoda said that. Don’t think he was speaking of lingerie, but you never know with him. Here’s the military themed lingerie show from some company that probably doesn’t make this stuff anymore.

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