When TMZ hosts find out about BLM Chicago and Hamas. (video)

Check out this clip from The Rubin Report. They have captured the moment that TMZ hosts find out about at tweet from BLM Chicago. It’s a riveting moment. As we reported days ago, BLM Chicago is being very vocal about their support of Hamas, proudly stating that they stand with Palestine. Even going as far as posting a picture of a terrorist on a paraglider. Shocking stuff to say the least. This post from BLM Chicago was made public not long after the terror attack on civilians in Israel. It’s also worth noting that the national BLM leadership had no comment. As of the taping of this episode of TMZ, leadership of BLM hadn’t disavowed the post from the Chicago chapter. Needless to say, the hosts of TMZ were both shocked and surprised. Again, it’s wild to watch, in real time, the reaction of these TV personalities when they are confronted with a harsh reality. A large, wealthy and powerful organization like BLM sides with terrorists. Now, if Dave Rubin could get some video from the boardrooms of the giant corporations that wrote huge checks to BLM even after the massive amounts of damage and loss of life during their ‘protests’, that would really be something. One has to wonder if Coca Cola and others are still supporting BLM after this recent show of support for Hamas. We doubt Harvey Levin and TMZ will be making a BLM donation any time soon. Not after this.

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