Victoria’s Secret wants to be sexy again. Turns out, ‘Woke’ doesn’t pay well.

Who could have seen this coming? Who? Other than every single person with a functioning brain. Evidently, if you’re in the Lingerie biz, people want sexy more than they want ‘realistic models that reflect the world we live in.’ It’s a shocker. Lingerie should be sexy. Well, that’s the lesson Victoria’s Secret just learned. After going ‘Woke” and losing millions in revenue, the lingerie brand announced they were ‘bringing sexy back’. Good luck with that.

We won’t be too harsh with Victoria’s Secret. Actually, we should applaud the pivot. They did an experiment and it failed. Now go back and start again. It’s lingerie. It’s supposed to be sexy. And yes, feature the idea of beauty. The models that represent the kind of bodies most people just aspire to. You’re not selling a woke reality. You’re selling a sexy dream. You’re selling an idea. It’s not that hard to figure out.

Here’s our take after Victoria’s Secret went woke. We called it. Had to gloat a little.

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