What happened to Jim Jordan being Speaker of the House? (video)

Well, it happened again: The house voted on speaker, and it was a swing and a miss. What happened to Jim Jordan? Why did 25 members of the GOP not vote for him? Let’s just say, we have thoughts. Michael Loftus has been watching the political scene for a while and had to chime in on this one. So, let’s talk Speaker of the House, the swamp, rinos, Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy and what happened to Jim Jordan. It’s a bad news, good news, funny news kinda video. We gotta call em as we see em and we gotta laugh. Hope you enjoy the clip from The Loftus Party mgmt. Want to show your support and get cools extras? We’re on Patreon and Locals! And for all your sweet TLP merch, hit up the shop right here at the site!

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