“Ain’t No Rock and Roll – New music from Five Times August (video)

We got some more new music for you from Five Times August. “Ain’t No Rock and Roll”. This one hits the nail right on the head and best of all, it’s a great tune. “Ain’t No Rock and Roll” feels like it could be covered by the Eagles. Just has that ‘great hook, laid back, sweet melody’ all mixed together by a song writer who’s actually saying something. I’m not sure about you, dear reader, but we here at The Loftus Party were shocked at all the Pro-Establishment ‘rockers’ who came out of the woodwork during the Wuhan lockdowns. These so-called free-spirit artists were really quick to get on board with mandatory jabs, masks and businesses being shut. We always knew there were posers and hypocrites in the music community, but damn! A shocking amount came forward. So, they need to be mocked. Called out. And what better way than to do it with killer track like “Ain’t No Rock and Roll” from Five Times August. Buy the single. Let’s show some support to a singer songwriter who actually stands for something.

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