Ahsoka gets thrashed. But did it also get a season 2?

We really didn’t like Ahsoka. The Disney plus show, not the character. The character is great. Ahsoka is complex and interesting. The show was luke warm garbage. They couldn’t even get it hot. Ashoka the show was nothing. That’s the worst insult in writing in my opinion. It was bland nonsensical nothing. A show full of fake ticking clocks and MacGuffins that made zero difference overall. It is a show that insults your intelligence. Disney Star Wars is counting on you being stupid. Now we’ve made our share of videos taking apart this objectively bad show, but we always enjoy when Robothead dives in on a Star Wars show. So, let’s do that. Here’s a thrashing of Disney Star Wars Ahsoka and some news about a possible season 2 of this poorly written, slow moving trainwreck of a show.

And fresh from the rumor mill: Did Disney order Ahsoka season 2? This snippet is from a source on Twitter. So… there’s that.

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