Media manipulation madness. If they can’t change a story? Make it go away.

It’s the little things. The subtle things. The small changes the media makes to headlines that add up to big changes. When so called ‘journalists’ pick sides they frame a story differently. The wording changes to reflect a reality they want to impose. It’s been going on for years but recently it seems especially transparent. Once you start to notice these changes, you’ll always see it. But let’s talk about this example for a minute.

Huh… that’s odd. A Jewish man died after a confrontation during a protest. That’s the headline. Now if you keep reading, you’ll discover he was ‘struck’ during the demonstration. Hmm… It almost sounds like an accident. That’s how they want you to think about it. But according to witnesses, the elderly Jewish man was hit over the head with a megaphone by a pro-Palestinian protester. That sounds a lot more like an attack where we come from.

Take a look at how other outlets are framing the events.

The excuse from the media is always the same: They don’t want to enflame the situation. They know that emotions are high, and for the greater good they need to do shit like this. And if that’s not enough, they’ll make the story go away altogether. Just like the trans shooter in Nashville and the manifesto. For some reason that was kept hidden from the public. Until yesterday when Stephen Crowder released what he says are pages from the manifesto. That didn’t go over too well with big wigs who want to control the narrative.

If you’d like to see more about what Crowder posted, here ya go!

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