That time Michael Loftus was on Normal World (video)

It’s high time you found out about this great piece of entertainment on the internet. A crazy little enterprise called “Normal World”. It’s the creation of comedians Dave Landau and 1/4 Black Garrett. They say the show is ‘reinventing late night with whimsical satire, only a hair away from the absurdities of modern life.’ And we are here for it. All of it. We mean that both metaphorically and literally. We dig funny new takes in late night shows, and I was just a guest on the show! What the what?

We got into all kinds of good stuff. South Park, The Simpson and even That Show Tonight! Did we take some hilarious detours along the way? Yes. Yes, we did. It’s always a good sign when you’re laughing so hard, you’re crying. Just saying. So, check out Normal World with special guest Michael Loftus. Subscribe to the channel. Then head over to and join. Who knew there was so much great independent comedy out there? Well, we did. But now you know too!

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