3 Things to Look Forward to on Netflix

Netflix spent this last week dropping a bunch of new trailers, videos and previews for upcoming shows. Although much of it just doesn’t look that great, there are a few shows I am really looking forward to, one from Korea, one from the U.S., and one from Japan.

Here’s my picks and recommendations for new shows and new seasons to check out:

Sweet Home Season 2

Sweet Home is one of the coolest weirded horror sci fi series I’ve seen, and it mixes action and suspense with a very human look at the monsters inside of all of us. Lead actors Song Kang and Lee Jim-Wook were particularly great. One thing about Korean Dramas, is many of them run one season and tell their story in 8 to 16 episodes. The popularity of Sweet Home was so big after season one, it begin filming Season 2 and 3 at the same time. Well, Season 2 is coming Dec. 1, so binge the first season if you can. It is intense.

Arcane Season 2

I was surprised I enjoyed the animated series based on the League of Legends game as much as I did, and we just got a little date announcement that season 2 is coming….waaaay off in November of 2024. Still the little clip short shows us everyone’s favorite character, Jinx, in that sleek animation that made the original series so good.

Yu Yu Hakusho

I’m approaching this one with caution, because Netflix has a way of either doing a great job with their anime/manga adaptation (Alice in Borderland, One Piece), or completely screwing things up beyond recognition (Cowboy Bebop, Death Note). I really want to like this one, because Yu Yu Hakusho is so cool. I’ll sum up very briefly. Teen loser delinquent gets murdered, and becomes a badass underworld detective. The original manga came out in the early 90s, and there have been a few anime adaptions. This looks like the first live action attempt and I hope they do it well. The teaser certainly looks cool, and it hits Dec. 14.

There’s so much to muddle through in streaming services like Netflix, but every now and then, there’s a jewel of great entertainment.

Speaking of which…here’s a reminder that Park Seo-Joon, when you take him away from failures like Marvels, is a great actor. Check out Gyeongeong Creature, with him and My Name star Han So-Hee, coming to Netflix on Dec. 22, with part 2 coming in January.

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