Here’s a scary read: CONTROLIGARCHS by Seamus Bruner.

Normally I don’t go for this kind of book but felt compelled to let you know about this one. Controligarchs by Seamus Bruner. It’s a look at the super rich people who seem to have a plan for every man, woman and child on planet earth. Not only that, but the plan appears to be well underway. That’s the scary part we were talking about in the title. These people weren’t elected. No one voted for these policies. They are using financial leverage to get the outcomes they want. Let’s just say we’re not big fans of unelected people in Davos dictating our levels of freedom. That is what we call some serious bullshit. So, who are these unelected decision makers? How did all this come about? What is their plan? That what is covered in ‘Controligarchs.’ That’s why we’re recommending you pick up a copy.

Most people have no clue the World Economic Forum even exists. They have never heard of Klaus Schwab, the man behind the WEF and its agenda. Want to know where a lot of the worst policy decisions are coming from? Like digital currency, banning gas vehicles and insect-based foods? Yup. The WEF and those are just a few of the changes they seem hell bent on imposing on humanity. They got some real doozies. Again: Nobody asked for this. Who do they think they are? It’s madness. That’s why we think you’ll want to pick up a copy of Controligarchs. Here’s a link to more info and how you can get the book.

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