Disney Park wait times are so long guests are pooping in line. (video)

Sure, it’s gross but how do you not do a story about it? You have to. The wait times at Disney Parks are so long, guests are pooping in line. What? We thought it was and urban legend but here we are. Here’s a story from The New York Post that get into the details. Well, not too deep into the details. Some things we just don’t need to know. But let’s just say we have lots of questions. Now we get some answers about Disney guests pooping in line as they wait for a ride.

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2 comments on “Disney Park wait times are so long guests are pooping in line. (video)

  1. Linda says:

    Guess this puts a whole new meaning on the catch phrase “Shit Happens”. But seriously though, I can’t even imagine standing in a crowded line with 100, 200 plus people, eating my $25 mickey mouse popsicle, when right before my very eyes I witness some random human drop drawers, squat, and take a dump on the walkway like some kind of wild animal in the woods. Then too, I can’t even imagine me going to a Disney Theme Park to begin with! LMAO!

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      It’s just so absolutely crazy! Am with you… can’t see going back to Disney. So much money to get in park then someone take a dump in line? Nope. Gonna pass on that one. LOL

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