Tan Lines. Our new favorite Claire Gerhardstein video.

So glad we never let go of these Claire Gerhardstein videos. These are the gift that just keeps on giving. And guess what? This latest one is a winner, winner, chicken dinner. This is our new favorite Claire Gerhardstein clip. In case you’re new to the page. We stumbled across a YouTube creator who uses A.I, to bring a variety of images to life all at once. Yup, it’s all really Claire. That’s all real. But the layered multiple images are all part of the video magic. It’s great. These clips are almost hypnotic. We’ll keep posting as long as they keep making em. So, here’s Tan lines with Claire Gerhardstein. Yes. as much as we usually frown upon tan lines, we can’t fault these. They’re fine. We got no problems with the tan lines on Claires booty.

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