Frustrating day as FBI director Christopher Wray faces questions.

Prepare for the usual levels of frustration. FBI head honcho Christopher Wray was on Capitol Hill today facing questions from Congress. It went just like these hearing always do. Maybe a bit worse. Honestly, why do we continue to do this? At this point it isn’t even good political theater. Anyone reading this article could face these questions and know how to dodge them. “I can’t recall” “I can’t discuss ongoing investigations” “I’m not at liberty to discuss that” “I’ll have to check with the field office” It’s a farce. A pointless farce. Although, Wray did add a new wrinkle today when he just changed the question and answered the one he asked himself. It was completely ridiculous. He started his response with ‘If you’re asking if…” It was an answer to a question only Wray asked himself. WTF? Who does he work for again? Here’s that frustrating clip.

And no offense to Rep. Higgins, but dude, less of the recap and more direct questioning. The guy wastes all of his time with a long-winded recap of last year’s hearing. If you have a point? Make it! Was the FBI involved with J6? If so, what was the involvement? Are we supposed to be impressed you ended your time with “Your day is coming Mr Wray!” The day DID come. It was today. You didn’t do shit. Ultimately Higgins didn’t do diddly squat.

This routine is getting very boring. Someone has to testify and somehow all members of the GOP are borderline inept. Is anyone a trial lawyer? Does anyone know what they’re doing? It doesn’t seem that way.

January 6 was 3 years ago. We are no closer to any real answers from the FBI. What ever happened to the pipe bomber? How many agents were in the crowd? That we still don’t have any answers is a disgrace. Throw it on the pile of mysteries, I guess. Along with Epstein’s client list and a host of others.

And when it comes to the border and the terror watch list, that’s not Chris Wray’s Lane. WTF?

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