Madame Web is slinging every kind of sh*t they can come up with. (video)

Watch this trailer for Madame Web. We’re certain you’ll have thoughts. We do. Starting with: What in the actual fuck is this? How many ideas can they cram into one movie? Twenty? Are they going for world record? As far as we can tell Madame Web is a girl who gets superpowers… her power is clairvoyance… she can see the future. A future where she gets killed a lot. So… It’s Groundhog Day meets Final Destination. But it’s a marvel movie based on a comic book character… so she’s a legit superhero? But hold up, is that a Spiderman suit somebody’s wearing? Is it a Spiderman movie? My head hurts. Thankfully it’s an all-girl cast though. The world is definitely craving an all-girl superhero movie. Just ask The Marvels. But before we show the trailer for Madame Web, are the the other girls superheroes too? Are those mechanical spiderman suits we see? Is it the girl avengers meets the sixth sense? What the fuck is this movie? Who is this for? Why, oh why would you make this? Now it’s a long shot, but maybe Madam Web will be so confusing that people will go see it. Just to figure out what the actual fuck is going on. Good luck, madame web. The movie hits theaters at some point in the future. That appears to be a mystery as well.

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