Pink gets fact-checked about banned books & then it gets awkward.

This is a great example of the BS that has permeated the culture in west. A celebrity like Pink, gets vocal about an alleged injustice. Even though there’s legit no such injustice that exists. They get up on a high horse and perpetuate the myth that the boogie man is not only coming, but he’s here! In this case it’s Pink getting upset about ‘banned books’ in Florida. She is sounding the alarm bell for people everywhere! Just one problem: These books aren’t banned in Florida. In fact, some are required reading. But Pink won’t let that get in the way. She doubles down after getting fact checked. It’s yet another example of feelings not caring about your facts. Put the ‘banned book’ myth right up there with ‘don’t say gay’. It’s a soundbite that gets people fired up. Who cares if it’s true? Pink doesn’t. We legit thought she was better than this.

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