4 Weird Things I’m Thankful for in 2023

It’s Thanksgiving week and somewhere in America today, there’s a grandma preparing to subject her family to the “let’s all go around the table and say what we’re thankful for” pre-meal activity.

I understand the sentiment, as I’m “the praying sort,” but I’ve hated being put on the spot since I was a kid. Yes, we should all be thankful for the blessings of family, friends and health. Yet, wouldn’t you like to be a little more honest about some other things as well?

Today, in celebration of the Thanksgiving season, I’ll share some of the good things that have come out of the muddle of politics and out-of-touch behavior we see from the entertainment machine. For example:

New Studio Ghibli coming to theatres in December!

I know you all know there are some folks here at The Loftus Party who love, love, love Studio Ghibli. When I found out earlier this year we would all get to see The Boy and theHeron, a new Studio Ghibli feature for the first time in a decade on the big screen, that’s exciting. And it looks gorgeous. Bonus thanks: Hayao Miyazaki (at age 82) decided he still has stories in him he wants to share. I’m thankful he’s reminding us age means nothing when the imagination stays young.

Eli Roth’s “Thanksgiving” is actually a real movie

Even if you aren’t into the slasher films, you still have to appreciate this being made. This was first created in 2007 as a fake movie trailer to run in between the two full-length films of the Grindhouse double-feature. Other directors created trailers as well, but somehow Eli Roth’s take on the “holiday horror” was just so over-the-top and hilarious, it became a favorite. So much so, some people were hoping this would be a real movie. Well, more than 15 years later, Roth took the plunge and turned it into movie….and people are loving it. I’m thankful for his reminder to not let go of a good idea even when it already seems long gone.

“‘South Park” Went Diverse..in the Best Way

Matt Stone and Trey Park are the kings when it comes to the IDGAF attitude of tackling current topics. When they released South Park: Joining the Panderverse, in which every character in show as replaced by a “diverse female character” they said what everyone was thinking. This is getting stupid. Not everything needs “a chick in it” who happens to be gay. No, that’s not racism, sexism or fill-in-the-black sexuality of the month phobia. Humans are humans are humans. The South Park boys handled this with perfect hilarity, and they also took on the lame storytelling crutch of the overused multiverse as well as how people are relying too much on technology and can’t even manage basic tasks. I’m thankful for reminding people to laugh at themselves in ridiculous situations.

The Rolling Stones are cranking out tunes

When I saw The Rolling Stones live in 1994, my husband asked me after the show “how much longer do you think they can do this?” I would say for at least 30 years! Not only did they continue touring regularly, the did something more important. They created fresh, new music. This year, the band put out their 24th British and 26th American studio album, Hackney Diamonds. It is excellent, and its first single “Angry” absolutely moves. These boys are teaching us you are never too old to rock in roll. You might need more ibuprofen and a couple of days of napping afterward, but still.

There you have it.. Little weird things to be thankful for: keeping your imagination alive, never letting go of a cool idea, letting comedy be comedy, and always keep rocking.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, know that we at The Loftus Party are thankful for each and every one of you weirdos.

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