Alex Jones has a video game. Brilliant move. (video)

Alex Jones just released a video game. Yup. That Alex Jones. The info wars guy just came out with a video game, NWO Wars. NWO of course stands for New World Order. Kinda had to throw that in there for the new peeps. The game is an old school 2D side-scroller. Total throwback. It actually looks fun! You get plenty of sound bites of Alex Jones saying the wacky quotable quotes. There is a strong chance we’ll take this game out for a test drive at TLP Gaming. But here’s what we think overall about Alex Jones releasing a video game. It’s a brilliant move and here’s why: When people play the game, they’ll have questions. And when people have questions? They go looking for answers. People will want to know why there’s a mysterious temple and they’ll discover Epstein Island. Stuff like that. And they’ll want to know why the client list hasn’t been released. And hopefully they will develop a healthy distrust of authority. Tada! Well done, Alex Jones. Brilliant move. We’ll be playing NWO Wars.

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