Great Gifts from the Mgmt. and TLP

The season of gift giving is upon us. You don’t want to be scrambling around on Christmas eve like an idiot, so why now get your shopping done early? Makes sense. But what to get? That’s always the conundrum. Well, we got you covered. How about some great gifts from the mgmt. and Now there’s a great idea and you’re helping support creators who don’t secretly despise you!

Right out of the gate we’re going to recommend the novel, ‘Neither Stunning Nor Brave’ by Michael Loftus. Go get that right now! It’s getting some sweet reviews and it’s available at Amazon. Here’s the link!

What next? How about some sweet ass merch from TheLoftusParty Store? We got it all, from Tee’s and coffee mugs to Hoodie that will put some merry into your Christmas! Use promo code HEATHEN and save 10%! And yeah, we got a link for that too!

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