Watch Scavengers Reign & pass on Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

We’ll take the hit, so you don’t have to. We’ve got a good sci fi pick for you this weekend. If you’re looking for new show to dip into, we’ll save you some time. Watch ‘Scavengers Reign’ on Max and Pass on AppleTV’s ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’. Now, I started off by watching episode one of Monarch… oof. Swing and a miss. Maybe the show gets better? Maybe the actors went to some kind of school for acting between episode one and episode two. Maybe the writers decided to drasticlly change the plot. I don’t know. All I do know it that I gave zero shits about the ‘mystery of Monarch and the people who work there and their dark secrets. It’s a snooze. Here’s the problem with Monarch, I want Godzilla. Not a show about the middlemen. End of story. Will I try to suffer through another episode? Yeah. Probably. But let’s talk about a show with some Promise: Scavengers Reign.

This is the show you should watch. Scavengers Reing follows several stories of the crew of a colony ship that’s stranded on a beautiful and incredibly dangerous planet. Help isn’t coming, but they don’t know it. The animated show looks different from everything else in recent years. The characters aren’t morons. The artwork is spectacular and so far, the writing and voice work are top notch. I’m halfway through the season and really enjoying it. Fingers crossed that the showrunners can keep up the quality work on Scavengers Reign.

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