We’re loving ‘Dave the Diver’ on the Nintendo Switch.

Dove into Dave the Diver the other day and am loving it. Let’s just start off the review with big: Go ahead and get this one. And for 20 bucks in the Nintendo shop it’s a steal. This game is deep. Yes, that was kind of a pun, but there’s lots to do and I mean that in the best way. The gameplay in Dave the Diver is a near perfect blend of fun and tension. You’re going to enjoy the missions and the game play with just the right amount of urgency. It’s an incredibly well-balanced game.

In Dave the Diver, you’re scuba diving/spearfishing by day and running a sushi restaurant at night. That’s what it boils down to. And it’s massive amounts of fun. You only get two dives per day and whatever you catch is on the menu that evening. The charm of Dave the Diver is in the details though. The Side quests, upgrading your gear, unraveling mysteries and getting your restaurant in tip top shape. The mechanics of the game are simple enough and there’s plenty of story. Over here? We’re hooked on Dave the Diver. Yes. I said it. Already thinking about some upgrades to the Shushi joint and hoping to have a banner day catching fish. Go ahead and pick up a copy of Dave the Diver. It’s a great time.

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