Loki season 2 shines a light on Marvel’s big problem.

Well, I finally managed to get through season 2 of Loki. Let me start of by saying the cast is great. No complaints there. Hiddleston is again wonderful as Loki. Dude is incredibly talented. Sadly, he and rest of the cast were handed garbage script after garbage script. Am I blaming the writers? Kind of. The producers and higher ups at Marvel really should get the brunt of the criticism. Why? Because they chose this bullshit. More specifically, this time travel multiverse bullshit. It’s poison to good storytelling.

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. That’s the Marvel problem. They had written themselves into a corner after the first Avengers and they decided to use time travel as their get out of jail free card. Avengers 2 was a comedic time travel romp of a movie that had no real emotional oomph. So… they killed Iron Man! Tada! There was zero reason to kill off that character other than cheap emotional manipulation. (It might be leverage in renegotiating a contract with Downey jr. too. Meh)

But here’s the problem with time travel: Nothing matters! You can simply go back to right before something bad happens and fix it! Hell, now throw in a multiverse and you can zip over and grab a replacement for anyone who dies. So, no character is really gone. It’s just a minor hassle to go get a new one. They highlighted this very thing in Loki in the finale. After the bad guy is “killed” he just says “see you later” or some such bullshit. Even HE isn’t worried! LOL! And Loki, for some reason has lost the ability to communicate. He has ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD, but instead of talking to the girl version of Loki who’s causing all his problems, he keeps time traveling back to the moment just before she “kills’ the bad guy, setting all the BS in motion once again. It’s stupid. For real. The finale of Loki hinges on the stupidity of Loki. No one really dies but we’re supposed to be worried about people dying. Good luck with that. Loki is smart enough to spend centuries learning physics, but he can’t be bothered to talk to the girl who fucks up the entire multiverse. Sweet lord make it stop.

Marvel needs a reset. Ditch the multiverse and time travel BS once and for all. Get back to telling stories where characters we care about overcome giant obstacles and save the day. It’s really that simple. Until then, hope you enjoy expensive CGI that is meant to distract you from the piss poor storytelling and waste of great acting talent.

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