Eric Weinstein is asking all the right questions. (video)

Here’s a thought-provoking clip from the Rubin Report. It’s frequent guest Eric Weinstein asking all the right questions. Where are we as a society? Where is all this headed? What then must we do. We always feel safe in the assumption that things in the west are ‘safe’ and our way of life is somehow eternal. But what happens when someone games the system? What happens when someone uses our values against us? It’s a scary notion and if you’ve been watching just a teeny bit of world events, you know what Weinstein is talking about.

The metaphor of the river that people have always counted on suddenly freezing is spot on. If you don’t adapt, it’s all over. The only constant is change. So, again: what then must we do? This is a great convo from the Rubin Report with Eric Weinstein. Give it a watch and give it a good long ponder.

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