The $16 McDs meal video that’s driving people bonkers.

It’s the clip that got everyone up in arms. The $16 dollar McDonalds meal video that is all over social media. Who knew that McDs was the canary in the economic coal mine? We did. If you’ve been going to McDonalds at all over the last few years, you already know that the prices have gone up. Big time. The fast-food giant is no longer a no brainer for people who just want a quick inexpensive meal. Now, you look at the menu items and the cost and do a little math. It’s a bit of shock the first time it happens. You see the price of a Big Mac and you’re legit taken aback. Then you instantly feel like a survivor of the great depression as you think to yourself how far your money USED to go at McDonalds. It’s kinda sad and funny at the same time. Then it settles on sad. Because you’re in a flipping McDS and you’re concerned about the cost!

We’re sure that McDonalds isn’t thrilled to be the center of all this attention. And you’re probably thinking they should just lower the prices. Well, guess what? Things are expensive now. Everything costs more. And Ronald McDonald and the gang are going to pass those costs onto us. That’s how this works. That’s how ALL of this works. And that, kids, is why the Biden peeps are pushing back so hard about this clip. The $16 dollar McDonalds meal is the perfect example of how Bidenomics and Inflation work. Your dollar is worth less. Prices go up and up. Your wages aren’t growing fast enough to catch up. Working class and poor people feel it first, then it trickles up to the rich dumbasses who are responsible. And they don’t really feel the pain. They just get annoyed that people are complaining. So, they post videos to try to convince you it’s all in your head. They wonder why your even upset. That’s a luxury they have. They aren’t pinching pennies and worried about the giant financial hit they just took for Thanksgiving and watching out for a Christmas season that could really put them over the edge.

Bring on the arguments about the $16 dollar McDonalds meal. The fact that people are arguing is all the evidence you need. This Biden Administration has been a slow rolling disaster and it’s hurting the very people they claimed to want to help.

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