Sebastien Teller – Look. (video) Hypnotic animated goodness in perfect amounts!

Yet another reason to like the internet. I just stumbled across this video. It’s for the song ‘Look’ by Sebastien Teller and its fantastic. The animation is just a perfect fit. One part old school Aha black and white animation and several parts hypnotic goodness. The timing of the steps. The rhythm of the walk and the changing of the images. A simple idea, yes. But simple ideas are some of the hardest to realize. It’s easy to overwork an image or idea. This video is near perfect in its sexy simplicity. And bonus? Now we know who Sebastien Teller is! He’s a French musician, singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist. Dude has a huge body of work, and we are digging what we’re hearing with ‘Look’. All and all, that’s a solid day. New artist to listen to and a great video! Here’s Sebastien Teller and ‘Look’.

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