Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (trailer) This looks promising. We’re in.

Here’s the trailer for Furiosa. It’s the latest film set in the Mad Max universe and yeah, it looks really good. The movie has a lot going for it, but like anything coming out of Hollywood lately you gotta hold off until you see it for yourself. There are always pitfalls. But damn, we’re legit stoked about Furiosa.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the movie is an origin story of sorts, centered around Charlize Theron’s character from 2015’s Fury Road. (Which was completely awesome btw. Just saying) This time it’s Anya Taylor-Joy playing a young Furiosa, doing battle with the forces of post-apocalyptic evil on the road. We’re in. You had at: George Miller is doing another Road Warrior movie. Done. The ticket has been purchased.

So, what’s the concern? What are you worried about, Mike? Time. Did the filmmakers have enough time? Fury Road was in development for years. George Miller started putting that movie together in 1987. That’s when he had the idea of a Mad Max movie that was almost one continuous chase. He had the whole flick storyboarded out. There were budget issues and setbacks, but all this meant time to plan. Time to tweak and make things better. Compared to Fury Road, Furiosa seems almost rushed.

The good news is, we love Road Warrior movies. George Miller is a fantastic director, and we always are ready to go back to the world he created. And even if Furiosa doesn’t have all the polish that Fury Road had? We’re still in. Let’s see how Imperator Furiosa came to be.

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