Tucker Carlson is voting for Trump & his reasoning is sound.

Tucker Carlson was guest on Roseanne Barr’s podcast recently and shared his thoughts on Trump and why Tucker is supporting Trump in his run for president. It’s solid reasoning. We have to imagine many Americans feel the same way Tucker does. It all boils down to this: What kind of America do you want to live in? Tucker Carlson made his choice to support Trump after the raid on Mar-a-Lago. When the DOJ raided the former president’s home, they crossed a line. He explains in clip from the podcast. This is about the time people start screaming about no one being above the law. Okay. Scream away. Maybe we’ll go down the well-worn path of documents and their proper storage. Certainly, Trump is the very first time this has ever happened in the history of our nation. It’s not like people are storing them in their garage. Blah fuckin blah blah blah.

We don’t want a country where the party in charge can have their political rivals targeted by a weaponized Justice System. That’s the long and the short of it. And the longer they continue to even give the appearance of political persecution, the more people will support Trump. That’s why his poll numbers go up after every new charge thrown at him. Everything else is just noise. We can either live in a country where justice is applied equally, or we can live in a B.S. fantasy land where political opponents are made to disappear. Tucker has chosen reality. At least the pursuit of truth. Good for him.

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