Fallout TV show (trailer) Put a chick in it. Make it lame.

Here’s the massive disappointment of a trailer for the new Fallout TV series coming to Amazon. I say this because I’m not sure how much more the audience can take of this incredibly predictable “take” on a beloved franchise. Evidently Hollywood took no notice of the Southpark Panderverse episode and it’s mantra of: ‘Put a chick in it. Make it lame.’ Now it’s the tv adaptation of the video game Fallout. The shows creators made the ‘brave’ choice of a female lead. For fucks sake. Now who knows? Maybe this show will be different. It’s possible. But damn, we got female lead fatigue. How much more of this are we as an audience expected to take?

It’s every show! It’s every franchise! Star Wars? Put a chick in it. Marvel? Put a chick in it. Lord of the Rings shit show The Rings of Power? Put a chick in it. Now it’s Mad Max and Fallout! Make it stop. For a lot of reasons. First of all? It’s boring. It’s fucking boring and predictable. As writers aren’t they tired? Does anyone in Hollywood want to do anything original? Sweet lord. It’s truly amazing to see this level of predictability.

And here’s another question: How are all these girl centric projects doing? How did The Marvels do? How about Ahsoka and the rest of girl Star Wars? Did Amazon hit a home run with Rings of Power? Fuck no. It sucks. They all suck. But here we go again. Thank goodness (massive eye roll). Finally, a girl powered Fallout show for the ten people who want to watch it. It comes out on Amazon April 12.

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2 comments on “Fallout TV show (trailer) Put a chick in it. Make it lame.

  1. Tzarlix says:

    Yeah, the second I saw that, all my enthusiasm just died, and I thought: “Not again… yet another show I’m not going to be able to choke down.”

    It just doesn’t stop does it?

    Someone needs to just make a “Panderverse” network where they have a chick’s channel, and a few dozen of the various Alphabet flavor channels… and I can just never subscribe to it. I hate the thought that my money from subscription fees etc. gets burned on all this gurl power B.S. Not freaking everything has to be nothing but DEI-X. (The X is for exclusion of White Male Heterosexuals… which is deliberate, and writers, directors and producers literally brag about it.)

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Same here. Was fired up for this one. It’s a constant bummer. Someone will start an anti-woke streaming service. 100% that will happen. Just good entertainment and story telling.

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